Olex2 Masterclass

This workshop will provide an introduction of the free and open-source small-molecule program Olex2. Olex2 is rapidly becoming the default option for may crystallographers and chemists in much of the structure determination workflow — from solution through to the preparation of final journal submission material. Olex2 is constantly evolving and maintained by a dedicated team based in Durham University. It is intuitive and easy to use, and yet it is enormously powerful. It works seamlessly with many other popular crystallographic packages such as ShelX, PLATON, Superflip and many more.

This workshop will introduce the basic steps required to get started with Olex2 and will then introduce advanced topics such as disorder and solvent masking. We will also cover the CIF management included in Olex2 and introduce the basics behind image and report generation in Olex2.

The masterclass will be provided by Horst Puschmann, who started his academic life a synthetic inorganic chemist. He is one of the key developers of Olex2 and has seen this software through from its inception in 2004 to the major software package it has now become.

Where: Plenary 1 – MCEC ground floor
When: Wednesday 20 July – 1300 – 1530

For more information or to register your interest please contact the Conference Managers 

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